Noun - South African an elongated plastic instrument that football fans blow to make a loud trumpeting noise [from Zulu]
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Etymology: Zulu. vuvuzela - to make a loud noise.

“This will be the noisiest World Cup ever,” Danny Jordaan, organising committee’s chief executive.

"To question someone's patriotism because they find the vuvuzela annoying is, frankly, ridiculous.”

"It's not the sweetest sound possibly."

"We're measuring it and it's a very intense sound, particularly in a large group. It's the length of the horn that determines the note, in this case a fundamental B flat. In design the vuvuzela is very much like the fish horns used at Muizenburg and Kalk Bay to announce the catch, though the fish horn is much shorter. To get the sound you need to buzz your lips, much like small boys playing motorboats in the bath do. It takes a lot of air and you may find you resemble Dizzy Gillespie." Sean Kierman South African College of Music

Nearly three-quarters of South Africans believe that use of vuvuzelas during 2010 Fifa World Cup matches will improve the atmosphere in the stadiums, a new survey by market research company African Response has found.

While there is obvious local support for Fifa's decision to allow the instrument in stadiums during World Cup matches, it remains to be seen whether foreign visitors will have the same tolerance for the
"iconic sound of South African soccer".

As part of African Response's
"2010 Barometer" for the month of September, they asked 400 respondents from Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban and Pretoria whether vuvuzelas would add to the atmosphere during World Cup matches.

"Results revealed that 71% of the nation said 'yes', while 23% felt that vuvuzelas would not perk up the atmosphere and 6% were undecided," African Response said.


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